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A small background story of the website (part two)

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But why? Curiosity! I started with clouds like anyone who do this kind of hobby. Then it was sunset, very nice but so long to witness normally (it takes a good 15 min to complete!). But what I like the most? When time-lapse help us see in a few seconds what takes hours to change, things we could not notice otherwise.

Take the water droplet on a table. It is there!, we leave, and if we come back an hour or two afterward, it is gone! What happened between the time it was there and when it disappeared? (yes we know it evaporates, but how?) This movie enabled me to understand that the drop of water do not shrink in size but slowly flatten itslef until it is completly evaporated. This makes sens, this explains why the traces left behind are the same size and shape as the initial drop of water!

For the same reasons I asked the following questions:

-> How does a banana gets black?
-> How does the soap bubble disappears?
-> How does a cookie...cook? (in fact we have a pretty good idea on this one since the ads on TV shows baking stuff in time-lapse all the time! Well, I have done it too and sadly it is the exact same thing!
-> How does the moon changes during an eclipse?
-> What is happenning to the cloud vapor trail left by passing planes?

I also captured movies without knowing the result in advance. My "lucky shots" are nice to look at and you will find them as "Golden waves in the sky", "Star shaped sun rays" and even a Sun dog!

And to fully answer your question, anything at this address is my website [Editor's note... Yep that's the old address, now!]

This include all the sections like the "panoramic" picture, the sections "lightnings" , "internet", "Xavier", "Aerostar". The external links are Les liens externes are "ASTROCCD" (Not my website but I used to be their webmaster... part-time unfortunatly ). I also made the "Tour Virtuel" (of the Mont-Mégantic, but is badly in need of update, all the pictures are from 1998)

Fiinaly , I'm proud to say that all the picture found on this site are 100% from me. Since I didn't copy anyone, I find this makes this personal site... even more personal. [Editor's note... Now that I own, I'm pushing this idea forward by having many hand drawned pictures everywhere!]

Thank you again for your interest and have a nice visit,

Xavier Théorêt

Xavier (dot) Theoret (at) USherbrooke (dot) ca


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