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Old websites done at the University ( or shortly after) ... found in part thanks to the "Wayback machine"

XTMedia.net (fin 2004 + ) The purpose of this site is to host the results of my experiments
"Multimagéo" (2000-2005) My first real webpage hosted by the Université de Sherbrooke (thanks!)
Multimédia, Art & Image(2000 +) My less than scientific computer images were not suitable for the University therefore they went to Tripod... until XTMedia.net came along.

The Centre de Recherche en Télédétection hired me for this. The site didn't survive long after my departure. The University made department website more uniform and supported them instead of students.

Many years before street view I did this virtual tour of the Mont Megantic's Astrolab astronomy interpretation center. Note: Things changed greatly since 2002 :-)

Page du groupe GESATE(2000)
I transformed a Powerpoint team poster into a website. I loved the "previous/next" button that I coded to guide you through every page of the site
Département de physique UQTR (1998)
One of my first webpage done for the UQTR's physic department. Tiling was sooo cool at the time but it is now terribly ugly!

[Links were updated january 2002]