Histoire du site
(c) Xavier Théorêt 2005
(formely "Multimageo")

A small background story of the website.

(e-mail sent to Mr Charron, TVA)

From: Xavier Théorêt

To: François Charron
sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 11:40 PM
Subject: Re: Suggestion - Films accélérés!

(Editor's note: I'll try my best to translate the original french e-mail in english!)

Good day, Thank you for your interest., yes, it is my own website.

The story behind the site start back in 1996 with a modest site on "www.geocities.com". Two years later, I was able to expand thanks to the Université de Sherbrooke which let students host small non-profit websites for themselves or projects. I got a space for my AEROSTAR aerosol project where the site is currently located [Editor's note: Got my own domain now... xtmedia.net!]

I could not help put the result of one of my weird hobby; time-lapse movies some call this "accelerated movies" or even chronocinematography(!)

If you like to know, my first movies were made with a 8mm camcorder, analogic, nothing fancy. I was making a normal movie of the sky one day , I stopped the camcorder and started it again after. I noticed that one of the cloud had "jumped" position in the sky! Not long after I started making 2 seconds movies, stop for 10 seconds, another 2 seconds movies, wait again... The result of 30 -40 some takes was very interesting but very "choppy". I stopped working with this technique (on/off/on/off/on...) because starting and stopping the camcorder internal motor was wearing the tape (probably stretching the tape because of the strain).

I have rediscovered the time-lapse movies in 1997 thanks to a TV tuner that I put in my computer of the time, a Pentium 200 MHz. Same principle, I'm taking a picture, I wait, then take another picture, and wait again.. But this time the TV tuner is doing the job and there is no mecanical stress involved! This was the proof that time-lapse was feasible using a basic mainstream computer (Pentium 200MHz MMx ) and a regular Sanyo 8mm camcorder! After a unfortunate event at the Mont-Megantic in 1999 I replaced my camcorder by a digital one which enable me to time-lapse without a TV tuner anymore (the data goes to the PC through a firewire cable now).

(Second part of the story here >> Why can we do in time-lapse, what did I do?...)

It's been a while now... I wanted a new name for the website.

[Editor's note... Yep... good idea, except no one can retain the name "multi-ma-geo"! I'm trying my luck with Xtmedia.net!]

Multimedia, Image & video are general terms largely present on the internet. This made difficult for anyone to find this site through web searching tools.

With Multimageo, we actually regroup the three keywords of the site. After all, this site shows movies (video), pictures (image in French) all thanks to multimedia technology like a TV tuner card and camcorder.

Also there is an added bonus since it sounds like "Geo". Which is great since it is my field of study and is often the source of my inspiration.

Please look around, there is a lot of new stuff added recently!