(c) Xavier Théorêt 2005
A quick Curriculum vitae.. Xavier Théorêt
  • I'm living in the Longueuil city near Montreal, Québec (Canada)
  • Spoken & written language: English and French. (en effet!)
25 ans
  • The Earth did 29 revolutions around the sun since my birth.
  • I like very much: Astronomy, Computers (especially working with digital images) not mentionning Kim that I love very much.
  • I don't have time for games anymore but if I have the chance I would like ... from my old PC: Starcraft, Freelancer, on my new PC, Unreal Tournament 04 and Knight of the Old Republic 2.
  • I have completed a master in geography and remote sensing. I specialised in aerosols measurements.
  • I'm currently working in an IT company at CGI.
  • I completed a Bachelor degree in Physics at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.
  • I had the chance to work at the Astrolab near the Mount Megantic Observatory.
  • I like to program, I'm good at C but I'M best in Visual Basic. I did enough of HTML to help me make a few little pages for differents groups: the UQTR, Groupe GESATE, Club Jupiter, CARTEL, family, etc.
  • Like any good webmaster I know a lot of tools to make my job easier, ranging from Unix, Photoshop, GoLive, Flash and so on...
  • I also made a few presentations on differents subjects, like my time-lapse movies, just take a look at the Documents page if you are curious.