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Powerpoint files and others things

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~ Bonhomme giving a presentation!

Powerpoint Powerpoint, Imagerie HDR en astronomie ( 18 megs .ppt)
Presentation given at the 10th colloque sur les CCD. December 1st 2007. Web version.

Powerpoint, Visibilité du Mont Orford (vapeur H20 et épaisseur optique des aérosols) ( 0.8 Meg .ppt)
Little experiment I did to show the effect of aerosol depth and water vapour on the visibility. Special thanks goes to Dr. Alain Royer for the measured value of the AOD and water vapor content.


Powerpoint, Différence entre lumière visible et infrarouge ( 7 Meg .ppt)
Pictures of common things in normal and infrared (Sony Handycam "nightshot") light. Warning, huge file size (7MB) use "save as...." .


Powerpoint, Observations par caméra vidéo ( 3.2 Meg .ppt)
Presentation for the 4th CCD symposium on the benefits of a Sony camcorder for astronomical observations.


Powerpoint, Spectroscopie à faible résolution ( 3.2 Meg .ppt)
Presentation for the 3rd CCD symposium on the use of a diffraction grid in front of a telescope for spectroscopic observations.


Powerpoint, Le mont Mégantic et ses observatoires ( 1.6 Meg .ppt)
A talk about the Mount Mégantic and it's observatories given at the jupiter astronomy club (feb.01).


Powerpoint, Projet AEROSTAR - Acfas ( 7 Meg .ppt)
A good presentation (in french) of my master project. Got the "best presentation" mention for our section.


Powerpoint, Trucs Windows (460k  .ppt)
Shortcuts for the keyboard and the mouse in Windows, in french.


Powerpoint, Films en accélérés / introduction au projet AEROSTAR (2.2 Meg .pps)
Timelapse and a brief summary of the AEROSTAR project, given on 31/08/00, at the symposium on numerical image at the University of Sherbrooke.

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MS Word zip, Article écrit pour le journal local d'astronomie sur les timelapses astronomiques, (400k  .zip)
What is a timelapse? That is the question I'm trying to answer in this article (published in Ciel de Nuit, summer 2000, CAAS)

DOS (QuickBasic) software. Please note that they might not be compatible with Windows XP.

Smoke simulation behind a real picture.


Page flipping techinique for nice effect.


A tribute to a nice web site.


3D simulation of a wavy floor.
What happens to young boy who don't want to help with the lawn mower?
Tentative de faire un démo sur Star Trek. Numérisé l'Entreprise sans scanner!