(c) Xavier Théorêt 2005

jupiterx_small.jpg (19685 octets)

Synthetics images are an art form done by computer, here are some of my own experiment with it.


100decharge.gif (3116 octets) A test with random numbers in order to simulate lightenings!


DOUBLE_IDENTITE.JPG (50645 octets)
Combinaison of the picture of a face with a lightening photo.

100deco.gif (4494 octets) I begin here with multiples lines from a center...

art2_paillasse.jpg (2172 octets) Some good wallpapers here! Many filters involved! ;)

FLAME_FORET.JPG (25677 octets)
An evident twirl effect combined with a flare!

art2_microchip.JPG (3459 octets) I started with a very geometric design and worked my way to this weird looking microchip.
art2_sphere_ambre.JPG (2911 octets) This ressembles an amber rock. Notice the polar coordinates transformation!
art2_soleil.jpg (1905 octets) Looks "maya" with a typical sun. Not too bad background.

art2_VOYAGE_TEMPS.JPG (1481 octets) A fractal base image but with enough transformation that I decided to put it here. One of my best image.


art2_MYSTERE_DES_PYRAMIDES.JPG (845 octets) Random numbers can also generates cracks.