(c) Xavier Théorêt 2005

Fractal images are computer generated picture that looks like something natural.

I hope to put my own source code around here...

fractal3Dx.JPG (27506 octets)


Here is some picture that I have programmed back in 1998... and with a bit of Photoshop help in some case):

fx2_extremal.jpg (2126 octets) A Mandlebrot fractal. Great wall paper!!

fx_Sun.jpg (47900 octets)
Looks like the sun's surface texture.

fx2_glace.jpg (1429 octets) Another Mandlebrot.
100fract97.gif (3926 octets) Again another Mandlebrot.!
100cristal.gif (2663 octets) Another Mandlebrot more!
fx2_Sinman.jpg (1396 octets) If we put a Sin in mandlebrot, you get this!
fx2_Papillon.jpg (1000 octets) This is not a Mandlebrot fractal!