(c) Xavier Théorêt 2005

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~ Bonhomme (c)

HIs name? It's "Bonhomme" (which pretty much mean "Someone" or "a guy"). This started one day as I was drawing "a guy" (my translation is not exaclty right since he is obviously not a human!). Unfortunatly he is so special that I could not name it anything else. So since then, he is named "Bonhomme" with a capital "B"!

Bonhomme is a cartoon character that I invented in 1992. He was very warm to the idea of going on the internet. Bonhomme has lived through many adventures that I hope to put here at some point...

His quality is that he is not solid nor liquid, so he can somewhat take any shape. But most of the time we will see him in his preferred form, a triangular pyramid.