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Some websites related to this site or that I maintained for a while.

The project AEROSTAR from the Université de Sherbrooke.

What is happening to the atmospheric aerosols at night? Did you know that some of the chemical reactions that occured in the atmosphere changes at night? And how do they change and how to measure them?

This site features some interesting aspects of the project, but I didn't had the chance of updating it in a long time!

The astro phototography ASTRO & CCD.

Amateur astronomer likes to take pictures of the sky. With the internet, now all astronomers can shares the result of their hobby with the rest of the world.

Direct access to Xavier Théorêt's section.

The Tour Virtuel (virtual tour) of the ASTROLab and of the Mont-Mégantic (1998)

This was a nice way to visit the Astrolab without actually going there! But that was for a while, the web tour is now considered old since you see the ASTROLab before I left on the summer 1998. I worked as a guide in this interpretive center in astronomy for two consecutives summers.

Visit le Tour Virtuel 1998 or the official ASTROLab site here.

The CARTEL is a center that I worked for during my geography master.

Click on the picture to see the site. It is not the same site that I helped a long time ago. But that's ok, the University can offer nicely designed website and will maintain them as well. Any webmaster will tell you that maintining a site is most time-consuming. This is welcome since many students will be glad to help but they often will leave after a few years (hum, sounds familiar). On the downside, there seems to have less content then what it used to.

Fun fact: I redid the CARTEL logo (made by Ferdinand Bonn) at 400% so it would have a better resolution than 57 pixels!

This is the GESATE site.

Ok, it is not as nice looking as the new CARTEL site (above) but it is much more custom-made! But then again... It doesn't look updated a lot since I left! Hum... According to the main page, I am still the webmaster?

On the other hand, it proves that I worked on this site (I was part of the group who created the main poster picture). Fun fact #2: I did the Gesate logo following the guidelines of my advisor, Prof. Alain Royer. (As you can see I always liked doing a bit of Photoshop here and there!

Old websites done at the University ( or shortly after) ... found in part thanks to the "Wayback machine"

XTMedia.net (fin 2004 + ) The purpose of this site is to host the results of my experiments
"Multimagéo" (2000-2005) My first real webpage hosted by the Université de Sherbrooke (thanks!)
Multimédia, Art & Image(2000 +) My less than scientific computer images were not suitable for the University therefore they went to Tripod... until XTMedia.net came along.

The Centre de Recherche en Télédétection hired me for this. The site didn't survive long after my departure. The University made department website more uniform and supported them instead of students.

Many years before street view I did this virtual tour of the Mont Megantic's Astrolab astronomy interpretation center. Note: Things changed greatly since 2002 :-)

Page du groupe GESATE(2000)
I transformed a Powerpoint team poster into a website. I loved the "previous/next" button that I coded to guide you through every page of the site
Département de physique UQTR (1998)
One of my first webpage done for the UQTR's physic department. Tiling was sooo cool at the time but it is now terribly ugly!