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Internet search
Free mail software!
Radio-Canada news

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Phone numbers

Microsoft information

Weather (Montréal) Daily atellite pictures

Le Grand Dictionnaire
Good french/english dictionnary

Nasa ADS
Great article system

logo_kira.gif (1879 octets)Kim's poetry site

Great home-made time-lapse!
Sébastien's astronomy site
Professionnal time-lapse

Podcast: A nice technology oriented podcast-> Buzz Out Loud of CNET.

My web sites!
Links to my site

2005, www.XTmedia.NET
2005, Projet aerostar
1998-2005, Multimageo (xtmedia.net)
2000-2005, Multimédia, Art & Image (xtmedia.net)
2000, Page du CARTEL
2000, Tour Virtuel du Mont Mégantic
2000, Page de Ginette
2000, Page du groupe GESATE

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